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The Mat Strength Fitness Backstory

Mat Strength Fitness is a personal training business owned by Trent Creech, a dedicated personal trainer and professional submission grappler based in Summerville, SC. Trent, who has lived in the area since 2019, is well regarded by his peers for the deep passion he displays for his profession, and for years now, has received numerous daily requests from people who trust him to provide personalized workout plans. As a result, he decided to launch his own personal training business, utilizing his full-service home gym as a training facility.

Meet Trent.

Professional submission grappler


Trent’s journey began at Georgetown University, where he enrolled in 2011 to pursue a degree in Sports Tourism. Eager to combine his love for sports with his interest in event planning and management, he found the program to be the perfect fit for his ambitions, and graduated from Georgetown in 2015 with a degree in Sports Tourism. The knowledge and skills he acquired during his time at Georgetown set a strong foundation for his future endeavors. However, Trent’s insatiable appetite for knowledge pushed him to seek further education and specialization in his field.

Eager to expand his horizons, Trent enrolled at Coastal Carolina University in 2016 to pursue a Master’s in Sports Management. Recognizing the potential of this rapidly growing field, he dove into his studies with a passion and commitment that was characteristic of his approach to life. Throughout his time at Coastal Carolina, Trent made valuable connections within the industry and gained practical experience through internships and collaborative projects. Two years later, in 2018, Trent emerged from Coastal Carolina with a Master’s degree in Sports Management, armed with a deeper understanding of sports administration, marketing, and event management. With his academic background and a solid skill set, Trent ventured into the professional realm to make his mark in the sports and fitness industry.

Trent’s dedication to personal growth is evident in his pursuit of success as a professional submission grappler. A highly skilled athlete in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Trent has honed his techniques and participated in numerous renowned grappling tournaments. His talent, discipline, and mental fortitude have earned him recognition in the grappling community, with notable achievements and victories to his name. Parallel to his grappling career, Trent has also embarked on a journey as a personal trainer. Leveraging his education and experience, he possesses a deep understanding of fitness principles and a unique ability to tailor training programs to individual needs. Trent’s approach is not just limited to physical aspects but encompasses a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on mental strength and emotional well-being.

Today, Trent Creech thrives as a professional submission grappler and personal trainer. His relentless pursuit of excellence, combined with his desire to help others achieve their fitness goals, is a testament to his commitment to the field. With a strong educational background, a passion for sports and fitness, and an unwavering determination, Trent continues to inspire and motivate others on their own journey to success in the realms of athletics and personal wellness.

Physical and Mental Strength Begins Here

Physical and mental health both matter- and we focus on both through each other.

At Mat Strength Fitness, we know that a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. Recognizing that exercise alone is not always enough to achieve overall well-being, we deploy various techniques to foster mental wellness in our clients. Through open and supportive communication, we encourage clients to share all their thoughts, concerns, and goals. By listening and fostering a non-judgmental environment, we create an ideal setting for clients to express themselves. This allows us to gain insight into each individual’s mental state, identify any challenges or obstacles they may be facing, and tailor their workout programs accordingly.

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