Why use Percentage Based Training?

Jul 6, 2023 | All, Blog

Percentage Based Training is a training method using a percentage off of your 1 Rep Max. For example, your
program calls for 3 reps of 80% for the working set of your workout. Your 1 rep max is 315 so this means that
your working set is 3 reps at 252lbs. 350/.80= 252lbs. This visually is two 45lb plates, one 10lb plate, one 2 1/2lb
plate and the bar clips on each side. I have personally found this method the most effective for strength gains,
safety, and overall simplicity while lifting and coaching others. Using percentages sets strict static guidelines
while lifting so you don’t have to sway away from the basic RPE sets or the “just add more weight as you go


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